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Your Comprehensive Guide to Passing Your TEAS Test

Enrolling for an undergraduate nursing course and passing your clinical studies is a significant feat, but it’s not the end of the road. One more exam will be the only thing standing between you and your nursing career: The TEAS Test. Perhaps you’re preparing for your TEAS exam, or maybe you’d like to pursue nursing and are seeking more insights into what the test is and what it entails. You’ve come to the right place.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will help you understand what the TEAS test is. We’ll also provide you with critical information about the exam format and four (4) essential TEAS prep tips to help you pass your exam with flying colors.

What is the TEAS Exam?

TEAS is an abbreviation for the Testing of Essential Academic Skills. It is an exam that health and medical students take before entering their respective fields. Nursing, being a critical part of the health sector, requires all nursing students to take the test. If you’d like to become a nurse, it would be best to understand its ins and outs. That helps you to reap the benefits of scoring highly in your TEAS exam.

Just because the TEAS test is synonymous with nursing doesn’t mean that it’s a challenging exam. Contrary to common opinion, the exam touches on some of the primary subjects you learned during your grade level studies. Therefore, preparing for it means building upon what you already know. Remember, the essence of the exam is to measure your preparedness for entry-level nursing programs.

“Is passing the TEAS test hard?” That’s a query that most students ask. Well, the answer to that varies because it depends on how prepared one is. If you know what to expect in the exam, then your likelihood of passing increases.  A critical thing to know is the test format.

Understanding the TEAS Test Format: What Does it Comprise?

The importance of knowing the TEAS exam format is that it helps you to understand what you can expect in the test. As a result, you can effectively create a winning study strategy. As the test taker, you’ll be happy to know that the format instructors use to set TEAS exams is the same format used in middle and high schools. Basically, the test features 170 questions with multiple-choice answers that students must answer within 209 minutes.

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) outlines that the test questions must relate to what the student covered in specific subjects in high school. They include:

English Language

You’ll find the “English and Language Usage” section strikingly similar to a standardized English exam you used to take, only that in a TEAS test, you need not write an essay. Instead, you’ll have to answer grammar questions. This section tests your ability to structure sentences correctly, coherently form ideas, and communicate ideas in fine detail.

  • Number of grammar questions – 53
  • Duration – 64 minutes


Hardly do you find a standardized exam that tests grammar without assessing the student’s reading skills. The two go together. In your nursing career, doctors and colleagues will communicate to you in written form, and you have excellent reading skills to interpret the information. Proper reading skills make you a valuable asset to a medical team.

  • Number of questions – 53
  • Duration – 64 minutes


Nursing is a scientific field, and science closely relates to mathematics. During practice, you’ll need your math skills and knowledge to assess, for instance, patients’ vitals’ rates and drug dosage during treatment. Much of what is covered in the math section covers various topics, such as numbers, algebra, measurement, and data collection.

  • Number of questions – 36
  • Duration – 54 minutes


Science is perhaps the backbone of the medical field because it relies on scientific thoughts, facts, and research to help improve treatment procedures and drugs’ effectiveness. Nursing requires knowledge of the human anatomy, and that’s science, particularly biology. There’s also science involved in understanding the chemistry of medical drugs and how they react to different illnesses and disorders.

  • Number of questions – 53
  • Duration – 63 minutes

Four Essential Tips for Preparing for Your TEAS Test

If you’re serious about pursuing a career in nursing, you understand how vital the TEAS exam is by now. Hence, you need not take it lightly. Instead, dedicate your time and energy to prepare for it adequately. Even so, it would be best if you were strategic in your preparation to ensure that your approach delivers the desired test scores. Below are four critical tips you can leverage to hedge your bet against any failures in your TEAS exam.

The Earlier You Take Your TEAS Exam, the Better

Simply because the TEAS test gauges your readiness to enter the nursing field, it doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to taking it toward the end of your nursing program.  You can also consider taking the exam shortly after you’ve enrolled as a freshman in college.  Doing so allows you to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the test format and what to expect in the questions and time allocations. As a result, you know what subjects or areas to target as you prepare for the next test (taken when you apply for a nursing program).

Register at least Two Weeks in Advance

Another practical tip for passing a TEAS exam is to complete the registration process early. How does that help? The Assessment Technological Institute (ATI) usually sends you a study guide to help you prepare for the exam once your name appears on the test register. You might have adequate time to study for it, but the ATI handbook can enhance your study strategy’s effectiveness.

Additionally, early registration means you alleviate the anxiety and stress of waiting for an exam without preparing correctly. You’ll have ample time to gather yourself and go through the study guide with a level head, increasing your ability to understand the concepts you read. As a result, you’ll sit for the test calmly and answer the questions comfortably.

Leverage TEAS Exam Prep Resources

Utilizing exam prep resources for TEAS tests can prove invaluable regardless of how relaxed and confident you might feel when sitting for the exam. TakeMyClassPro boasts a team of high-achieving professors and graduates who can provide you with valuable TEAS test prep resources to ensure you get the insights that aren’t readily available online.

Forget about the costs of acquiring the test prep guide; the material you get can prove highly reliable when you decide to take the exam early because you’ll have an in-depth understanding of the specific areas you need to concentrate on in the coming few weeks. The only remaining task will be gathering the specific books and material you need. Furthermore, you have to constantly review the material to make the exam easy for yourself.

The few days leading to the exam date would help if you retook the TEAS practice exam for the final time. You can access it online on ATI’s website. The results you attain in the retake will signal your improvement. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify your weak points and address them before you take the actual exam.

Recap the Fundamentals

As aforementioned, the TEAS Test bases its questions on the subjects that you’ve studied in your previous academic life. When you started, you learned the basics of each subject. With those fundamentals, you were able to understand more complex concepts as you advanced your academic ladder. That means that you can increase your chances of excelling in your TEAS test by taking time and going through the basics.

Try solving some algebra, decimals, and fraction problems when studying for the match section. Some critical things to know about the English and Language Usage section are grammar and punctuation. You can also focus on filtering the relevant from the irrelevant when tackling the reading section.

When reviewing the fundamentals in science, you need to ask yourself questions with your nursing course in mind. Can you comfortably complete and balance a chemical equation? Are you familiar with the basic concepts in biology? Do you understand the human anatomy and the function of each vital body organ?; having the answers to those questions will guide you to know which areas that require improvement. These are the things you must know if you expect to pass your TEAS test and achieve highly in your nursing career.

What to Do on TEAS Exam Day to Increase Your Chances of Success

After registering for your TEAS exam, the countdown to the test date begins. Before you realize it, you’re on the eve of the exam day. That’s when all the hard work and effort you’ve put into the preparation bear fruits. That’s not to say that you can do nothing to boost your performance further. Read on to learn some practical things you should do on the exam day.

  • Get ample sleep – Ensure you get enough sleep and take a healthy breakfast on the morning of your test. If possible, get at least seven (7) hours of sleep to wake feeling fresh and revitalized. Back that up by incorporating the following food items in your breakfast: salmon, green tea, eggs, and acai berries. These are a few examples of foods that enhance brain function. Moreover, drink enough water to ensure your body remains hydrated for improved body function.
  • Know the Exam Location – If you’re taking your exam on campus or any other physical location, take your time and visit the area to organize yourself accordingly during the test day. It would be so disappointing to get to the place, only to have trouble identifying the specific exam room or parking space. The precious time you waste sorting out the problem could’ve otherwise been spent solving the exam problems. A lot is already in your mind, and piling more pressure and anxiety will ruin your exam day.
  • Be Punctual for the Exam – Another must-do on the test day and perhaps the most important is to keep time. Ensure that you’re punctual. You must understand that ATI won’t allow any student to sit for the exam after reporting late. Imagine missing the exam because you arrived five or ten minutes late. You may argue that that’s a short time to warrant being disqualified, but it’s a TEAS exam principle that applies to everyone. Also, you’ll be required to carry the following items with you for the exam: An ATI-issued registration document with an ID number and a valid ID containing your photo.

TakeMyClassPro Can Take Your Online Proctored TEAS Test for You

You can also decide to take your TEAS exam online by utilizing ATI’s proctoring software. That means that an ATI-recognized proctor will be remotely invigilating the exam on a shared platform.

Passing an online exam can be challenging; the proctoring software has high-tech security and ID verification features that scrutinize your credentials to ensure no form of discrepancies or cheating is done. Any attempt of impersonation or to cheat on the exam can quickly be flagged, and the student disqualified. That’s why most people have no choice but to take the exam themselves despite inadequate preparation or lack of time.

However, you can cheat on your TEAS test without getting noticed by partnering with TakeMyClassPro. We have developed powerful software that can hack into the ATI proctoring platform and help you take your exam without the system detecting it.

How It Works

To allow us to take your online proctored test, you’ll first need to have the software in the device you’ll be using to take the exam. Install the program; when you’ve completed the process, you’ll have to inform us of the exam date and time a few days in advance. That offers us ample time to prep for the exam and ensure everything is in order. That takes a maximum of about 10 minutes.

On the test day, we recommend that you be online at least 25 minutes before the exam to link our software to your device. Our proctoring professional will help you do that in readiness for the exam session. When the exam starts, all you need to do is to handle the preliminary procedures, such as ID and face verifications, hardware set-up, and room phone, among others. Once that’s done, your remote proctor will feed in the password, and the exam will begin.

Our professional will be able to see the questions as soon as they appear on your screen through our software, and s/he will take over and answer the question in real-time. To your remote proctor, it’ll seem as if you’re the one doing, but it’ll be us. Your only job will be to sit in front of the screen and simulate you’re working on the paper. That means moving the cursor or mouse whenever necessary. At first, you don’t have to move the cursor. We recommend that you wait for us to read and answer the question and then proceed to another page, all that time pretending to be busy working.

We’ll establish a regular interval when our professional will start answering the questions with every turn of the page. Remember not to move the mouse as we answer the questions to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will answer all the questions before time, and then we’ll submit them. You can then rest easy, knowing that you’ll get an excellent grade on the test.

Steps to Access Our Proctored Exam Services

We provide students and professionals a straightforward process of accessing our “Take My Online Proctored Exam for Me” services. They are as follows:

Step 1: Pay for the service and confirm the payment

Step 2: We’ll send you our software link. Download and install it, and we’ll run a trial with you.

Step 3: Send the information on the exam date and time

Step 4: We’ll agree to the date and time and book it in our schedule.

Step 5: On the test day, we’ll require you to be online 15 minutes before the start time so that we connect to your screen and ensure everything is in place.

Step 6: The exam starts. For straightforward communications, add our experts to your WhatsApp contacts and chat with them directly at https://wa.me/254728268604. If you don’t have the WhatsApp app, you can download it on https://www.whatsapp.com/download .

In case you encounter difficulties adding our number to your WhatsApp, you can share your contacts with us, and we’ll add you.

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