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Whats A Proctored Exam

An Essential Guide on How to Cheat on an Online Proctored Exam
A proctored test is a test taken virtually where the invigilator monitors the student on a shared platform or software. The proctor's job is to help the learner pass their exam with ease and have an excellent exam session. Therefore, the student needs the necessary hardware, such as a webcam, earphones, and microphone, to facilitate clear and efficient communications with the proctor. Once the exam is complete, the data is recorded and taken to a proctoring service for assessment.
While a virtually observed exam seems closely monitored, you can still learn and master some practical and valuable tricks to cheat on a proctored exam and get away with it. If you plan on cheating on a proctored test, this post is written for you. We'll provide the tips you need to cheat on your Examify or Proctor U test and pass with flying colors.
Understanding Online Proctored Exam Cheating
 Thus far, we've understood that a proctored test is a challenging test, closely invigilated by the proctoring software. The universal rule of thumb is that you need to pass the exam to get accreditation by the software and positive feedback after the proctoring review. That being said, passing that exam can be difficult, and that's why you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to cheat and not get caught. It doesn't sound easy, but it's possible.
Proctoring software excels due to its high-tech security protocols and measures. However, the following hacks will help you to breach the security features, which include: 
Identity verifications require the provision of an original student ID; it's designed to ascertain that it's you taking the exam and not another person.
Screen recording features that monitor every activity and step you take during the entire test.
Webcam recording captures live video feeds of the environment in which the student chooses to write the test.
These security features are meant to alleviate any attempt to cheat on the exam, and learning the knack for hacking your way past them is an added plus to cheat on your proctored test successfully. The cheating method you choose will highly depend on the level of security checks you need to undergo. For instance:
Level 1 security only requires the student to upload a valid passport photo that clearly shows their face.
Levels 2 and 3 have advanced security measures that require you to do more than simply uploading a photo. At this stage, you'll have to sign in and create an account, complete with the username and password. You'll also need to install a recording feature. The proctoring software might also have a hidden camera recording all your activities without your knowledge. 
It's quite evident that Levels 2 and 3 aren't friendly to a student intending to cheat on a proctored test. Any failure when attempting to cheat might automatically disqualify you. That's why you need to nurture the skills of cheating on a virtually monitored exam.  
Why You Need to Know How to Cheat on a Proctored Exam
Any exam tests your intellectual strength, and the results usually tell the wider audience your position in the class or community at large. Accountability has been a primary reason for exam invigilation because it bars students from cheating. It ensures that hardworking learners fairly win, instead of being sidelined by cheaters who get good results without much effort. 
Proctoring software works the same, only virtually. The platform has a high focus on maintaining a reputation for accountability. That's why it features every necessary feature to mitigate cases of cheating. Hence, think of cheating on a proctored exam as meeting a worthy opponent. You need to be equipped with all the tricks to overcome them; no room for second chances, guesses, or trials. That's enough reason to know how to cheat on a software-invigilated test.
Another reason to want to cheat on a proctored exam is the financial concerns. Usually, students pay to take a virtual exam on proctoring software. You don't want to splurge a significant amount for your exam only to get a "FAIL." Not only does that waste your time and the costs you've already incurred, but it also means that you'll have to pay for the retake exam. That's a double loss.
Furthermore, failing the first test impacts your grades in any subsequent retake. That's why you need to seize the chance of cheating on a proctored exam and do it like a pro. You'll have an easy time taking the exam, boosts your grades, and retain the money you could've otherwise paid for a second test if you failed.
With this post, you can learn how to bypass proctoring software's security checks within the shortest time possible. No one will notice you cheated on your exam, not even the software itself or the proctoring data reviewers. 
The Basic Fundamentals of Cheating on an Online Proctored Exam
The first step to becoming a pro cheater on a proctored exam is to learn the basics, just like any other field. Many students think that cheating is a "skill" that one can master overnight. On the contrary, it takes a while before you master the genius of cheating on an online proctored exam. You first need to get familiar with several things, including:
Understanding what a proctored exam is
The duration of a proctored exam
The kind of tests taken on your proctoring software
The nature of the questions and how they're set 
The tools and devices required when taking a proctored test
The consequences or repercussions for anyone identified to have cheated on the proctored test
It's worth emphasizing the last tip because you'll know what awaits you if you're caught cheating on your proctored exam. The reviewers typically take their time when assessing the exam data. That means you're likely to get caught. Therefore, you need to be meticulous in every step you take when cheating. 
In summary, cheating is possible, but don't get caught. The stakes are high.
Bypassing the Security Checks: Practical Tips for Cheating on an Online Proctored Exam
Throughout the years, we've discovered that it's possible to learn how to cheat on an online proctored exam, so long as you follow the rules of the "game" and follow them to the latter. It's a straightforward procedure that, if well-executed, will make you excel in your exam without a sweat.
First, let's identify and discuss the various security measures of proctoring software that inhibit students from cheating on an exam.
Two-Factor Identity Verification and Geotagging – This security feature is designed to prevent impersonation during an exam through facial recognition technologies. The platform also comes with a voice-recognition test, taken before you start the exam.
Restricted Exam Access – The purpose of this is to ensure that only a single verified individual can access the platform through a single account. The software will issue an alert once it notices a change in location or IP address during an exam. At other times, it may only create a single-use test link so that there's no other duplicate test. 
Browser activity monitoring – This feature aims to prevent the test taker from researching the answers online. The software tracks every activity at every moment. This data is then recorded for assessment during the review process.
Anti-Copy/Paste  - Some students tend to memorize what they read word-for-word or copy-paste directly from an online source. The anti-copy/paste feature is created to prevent that, ensuring students provide answers based on their understanding of a given topic.
The Winning Approach to Cheating on an Online Proctored Exam 
Thus far, you can imagine how robust and uncompromising proctoring software's security measures are. Still, there are ways you can cheat on the test undetected. Even the best proctoring platform has some loopholes, and it only takes a genius mind to desecrate it. Below are some four practical methods of cheating successfully:
Screen sharing – This allows you to use two devices during the exam. One monitor is purely for accessing the exam problems, and you can use the other one to search for the answers. Nonetheless, it would be best to be careful with your eye movement because any significant shifts of the eyeballs or head might raise the alarm.
Leverage smart technology – You can use small undetectable Bluetooth devices when taking the exam. Alternatively, you can store potential answers on a scientific calculator for later retrievals during the test.
Using untraceable virtual machines – This is an advanced method of cheating on a proctored test and must only be attempted by the pros. It allows you to access two operating systems all at once.
Video feed interceptions – As with virtual machines, you also need advanced feeds to practice video feed interceptions.  It requires high-tech interception software that somewhat captures a prerecorded video feed generated by the webcam. It prevents it from reaching the proctoring software.
The methods highlighted above are only effective when executed as per the specific instruction. Please don't try any of them if you don't possess the necessary technical skills.

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How to Cheat on a Virtually Monitored Math Exam
Math ranks as one of the most challenging subjects, at least according to most people. However, cheating on a proctored math test is relatively easy because of the auxiliary materials and tools required when taking the exam. If you have an upcoming math test, try the following cheat "codes" and pass effortlessly.
Use a scientific/programmable calculator – The calculator is your best option when handling a math test. You can use it to store math calculations and formulas in the calculator and obtain them when taking the test. The retrieval procedure is quick, and the supervisor won't even tell whether you're doing an actual calculation or scheming through prerecorded answers.
Carry cheat papers – If you don't have the power to memorize complex formulas and equations, it would be best to jot them down on a reference cheat sheet. There are limitless storage options for the cheat paper. You can fold it and carefully hide it inside your pen, calculator, ruler, or armband. The major test comes when trying to retrieve the paper. You need to be highly discretional not to draw the supervisor's or webcam's attention.
Wring answers and formulas on your arm – You can also write the equation and formulas faintly on your arm. Do it strategically so that you spend the least time checking your arm, and that's why you need to devise simple ways of making the recordings on your arm more effective. For instance, you can have a mnemonic to aid the memory. 
Remember, cheating also depends on the amount of background information or knowledge you have on math. Therefore, prepare adequately and supplement your efforts by cheating.
I was Caught Cheating on an Online Proctored Exam: What Should I do?
It is not uncommon to find students who've been caught cheating on online proctoring software. Understandably, no one intends to get caught, and that's the reason most offenders feel tense and low self-esteem after getting caught. There's no need to feel anxious because there's always a solution for any adversities, even those you implicate on yourself. 
 Your only way out is to try and redeem yourself instead of denying the review results because there's undeniable evidence that you cheated. Take the following steps when you're caught cheating on a virtually proctored exam.
Accept that you made a mistake
Express remorse for your actions
Explain the motivation behind your cheating
If you assess the allegations/evidence and note that it's insufficient to implicate you entirely, you can deny them, but strategically. 
Act astonished that they're even bringing up the question of cheating
Stick to one story from the beginning to the end. Any modification or consistencies will mean that you cheated. 
Nonetheless, if your efforts to refute the claims don't succeed, accept the outcome and apply for a retake exam. Meanwhile, continue enhancing your skills on cheating so that you're untraceable the next time you cheat on an online proctored test.

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