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As the shift from in-person to online exams becomes increasingly common, organizations and institutions are adopting online proctoring as a safe and secure exam-taking process. With online proctoring, you can take your exams from your home. Here are some valuable tips to help you prepare for an online proctored exam and maximize your test-taking experience, and how TakeMyClassPro can help take my Examity Proctored Exam.

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What is Examity Proctored Exam?

Examity is an online proctoring service that provides round-the-clock scheduling and support for online exams. They offer four distinct proctoring modalities or options that administrators can choose from for their exams. Online proctoring is categorized into two types automated proctoring and live proctoring. But what is automated proctoring?

In automated proctoring, technology is used to monitor the exam session, while in live proctoring, a human proctor observes the exam in real time.

During the exam, Examity's system detects and flags specific activities, potential violations, and technical issues for review by the exam administrator after the exam is completed. Human auditors conduct a thorough audit to validate the accuracy of the flagged items and identify any additional fishy activity or possible violations that the proctor may have missed.

Take My Examity Proctored Exam For Me

Here is more information about take my Examity proctored exam live and automated solutions.

1. Automated Solutions

Examity offers a range of proctoring solutions to cater to different needs. If you opt for an automated solution, you have two choices: Automated and Automated + Audit. With Automated, the exam starts with an automated authentication process, followed by monitoring using their automated proctoring technology. If any flags are raised during the session, the system records them. Answered: Should You Pay Someone to Take Your Nursing Exam for you?

The Automated + Audit solution includes all the features of Automated but also involves a formal audit done by Examity's auditors after the exam. They thoroughly review the authentication process, the exam itself, and any flagged activities for the exam administrator's review.

2. Live Solutions

For live solutions, provide options where a live proctor monitors specific parts or the entire testing session. Live Authentication + Audit utilizes a live proctor for rigorous identity verification, authentication of the testing environment, and exam review. Live Proctoring offers the highest level of security, as a live proctor monitors the entire exam, including the authentication process, from start to finish.

3. Hybrid Model

In the hybrid model, you can choose between taking the exam in person or remotely. If you choose an in-person option, you may use pencil and paper while being monitored by a professor or an in-person proctor. Alternatively, you can opt for an online proctored exam on a computer at a testing center or classroom.

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Advantages of Using Take My Examity Proctored Exam Expert from TakeMyClassPro

There are numerous advantages to opting for an online proctored exam instead of the traditional in-person format. Here are some key benefits:

  • The convenience of Location: Taking an online proctored exam eliminates the need to travel to a physical location. Whether at home or your other preferred location, you can take the exam from anywhere in the world. Check Out: Best Nursing Schools in Georgia
  • Accommodations for Accessibility: Examity prioritizes accessibility and ensures equal opportunities for all test-takers. Requesting accommodations is simple, and exam administrators can easily add necessary accommodations to the exam, whether it's an automated or live proctoring session.
  •  Immediate Scheduling: Unlike in-person testing centers with limited operating hours, Examity offers 24/7 scheduling. This means you can schedule and take your exam at your convenience time.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Online proctored exams save both time and money. You can take the exam in the comfort of your own space, eliminating the need for commuting and associated expenses such as transportation costs. The streamlined process of a secure online testing experience also saves you valuable time, as it can be completed with just a few clicks.

By embracing online proctoring, you can enjoy the convenience, flexibility, accessibility, and cost savings of this modern exam approach.


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