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Are you approaching your ATI TEAS exam and wondering where to start? Do you have doubts about your performance? Are you looking for the services of experts who can take your TEAS and relieve your anxiety? You’re in the right place.

TakeMyClassPro is the best one-stop shop for all your TEAS-related exam queries. We can help you with your TEAS exam as you navigate your busy schedule. Our team of specialists is ready to assist you with your proctored exam at any time. We have received numerous positive reviews from students who have excelled in their nursing careers with our help. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; contact TakeMyClassPro and eliminate the chances of failing your exam.

What is TEAS?

TEAS, which stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills, is specifically designed to assess a student’s readiness for entering the health science field. It is commonly used as an admission requirement for nursing programs. The purpose of this exam is to evaluate applicants’ academic preparedness for health science programs, considering the significant responsibility they will have in providing medical care to those in need.

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The exam consists of 170 questions, with 20 unscored pretest items. These questions cover various academic skills in Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage. If you are struggling with your ATI TEAS test, we offer a team of experienced tutors who can assist you in taking your TEAS exam and achieve a good score, thereby increasing your chances of admission to a nursing school.

What is Proctored TEAS Exam?

A proctored TEAS exam is an assessment that involves the presence of a third party to administer and oversee the test. Traditionally, proctors would verify student identification, monitor the exam duration, and ensure compliance with rules and regulations. In the past, proctored exams were commonly conducted in physical classrooms using paper-based formats.

Proctors have various responsibilities during an exam, including distributing test materials, keeping time, and monitoring test takers to prevent cheating. With the increasing popularity of remote learning and exams, proctoring has transitioned from human supervisors to online proctors who monitor exams remotely.

Why Hire Someone to Take My TEAS Exam?


Why should you hire someone to take your TEAS exam? The ATI TEAS test can be challenging, and many students struggle to complete it within the given time frame.

Lack of familiarity with the test content often leads to incomplete submissions. Our experts, who are experienced in ATI TEAS and similar exams, have taken these exams daily for years. They have assisted thousands of students in test preparation, and you can benefit from their wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Here are some reasons why you should hire our TEAS exam experts:

  • By availing the services of a tutor to take your proctored exam, you increase your chances of excelling in the test.
  • We maintain the highest standards by employing experienced tutors supported by cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools.
  • Your final work will be meticulously refined, ensuring it is flawless and professionally crafted.

Can You Take my Proctored Exam?

Yes, TakeMyClassPro can help you take your proctored exam. We will assist you in installing the necessary software on the computer you will use to take your TEAS test. After the software installation is complete, inform us of the time and date of your TEAS exam. This will allow our team to prepare before the exam and double-check everything.

On the day of the exam, make sure you go online 30 minutes before the exam starts to give yourself enough time to sync your device with our software. If you are unsure about the process, our take my proctored exam expert will guide you.


In conclusion, examinations are a vital part of learning and serve as a bridge to academic progress. However, they can be challenging, and many students struggle to find the support they need, especially in complex subjects. Seeking exam help from TakeMyClassPro can be advantageous in such cases. We provide comprehensive resources and qualified exam helpers to assist you in preparing for and successfully passing your exams. By utilizing our service, you can reduce stress and rely on expert assistance. Our website prioritizes your satisfaction and strives to deliver the best online exam help.

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How do I take my TEAS test?

To access the ATI TEAS exam on the ATI website, visit www.atitesting.com and sign in to your ATI account. After logging in, navigate to the “TEST” tab. If you have the ATI TEAS Exam card, click the “BEGIN” button. If you don’t have the ATI TEAS Exam card, select “ADD PRODUCT” and enter the Product/Assessment ID provided via ATI. Before you can start the test, the proctor must approve your request. The “BEGIN” button will remain inactive until the proctor approves.

When should I take my TEAS test?

It is advisable to take your TEAS exam early after thorough preparation.

How much does it cost to pass the TEAS test?

The minimum passing scores for the ATI TEAS test vary among nursing schools but typically fall within the range of 55% to 70% for the composite score. The ATI TEAS scores consist of three components: Total Score, Content Score, and Sub-Content Score.

How long should I study for the TEAS exam?

ATI suggests a minimum preparation period of six weeks before taking the TEAS exam. However, if you cannot wait that long, don’t worry. You can still manage your studying by spacing it out over a few weeks or even a few days at the very least.

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