Can I Use my MacBook to Take WGU Exams?

Can you use your trusty MacBook to take exams at WGU? You’ll be glad to know that WGU supports using MacBooks for online exams. Whether studying at Western Governors University (WGU) or considering enrolling, you can conveniently rely on your MacBook to take your WGU exams. We go further in depth to explain how the structure

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What is WGU?

WGU, an online university, was established by 19 U.S. governors and operated as a nonprofit institution. Despite its roots in the vision of the Western Governors Association, WGU is a private university and maintains its governance structure. This independence enables WGU to prioritize the needs of its students and remain committed to the original vision that led to its establishment.

What are WGU System Requirements?  

In the WGU online learning environment, having the right technology is crucial for students’ success. WGU follows a “Bring Your Own Device” approach, allowing students to select technology products based on their preferences meeting the required technical specifications. “Can I use my MacBook to Take my WGU Exams?”, Yes You Can. Check out the system preferences below:

WGU provides specific technical requirements. Generally, it is recommended to have a computer purchased within the past two years with features such as a

  • 2 GHz processor or faster
  • high-speed internet connection of  3 Mbps
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB system storage or higher.
  • Built-in or external speakers.

Supported operating systems include

  • Windows 7 or higher (Windows 10 or higher for College of Business undergraduates)
  • macOS 10.13 or higher.

In terms of software, students need Microsoft Office 2016 or 365, which WGU provides. You should also have an up-to-date antivirus program.

GWU Supported browsers include;

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari.

WGU encourages using up-to-date browser versions for better security and user experience. Students can check their computer system’s readiness with the WGU System Check tool to ensure compliance with university requirements.

Can I Hire Someone to Take my WGU Exam

Yes, my exam experts offer various services to support your academic pursuits. We understand your requirements, whether participating in online classes or assisting with assignments. We can even care for your Proctorio WGU final exams, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all your educational needs.
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How do I Hire to Take My Exam Expert?

TakeMyClassPro provides a straightforward solution when you reach out to hire someone to take the WGU exam. Our platform has a dedicated team of experts who handle online exams. With experts in various locations and time zones, you can choose the expert of your preference. To assist you in making an informed decision, we provide user ratings for our experts based on their past performance.

However, there are considerations when hiring an online expert.

  1. Firstly, avoid sharing your email address or any confidential information unless specifically requested by our team.
  2.  Be cautious of responding to unfamiliar emails that offer services at a low price, as they could compromise your confidentiality.
  3. Provide feedback on your experience with the expert to our support team, as it helps us consistently improve our services.

The types of WGU Exam we will take for you

Our service covers various types of exams, including online exams like;

  • Take my online WGU exam:   If your college conducts online exams through their portal, we can assist you by taking them. Our services ensure no concerns regarding IP addresses or single sign-on, eliminating any potential red flags during the process.
  • Take my proctorio: Proctored exams are commonly used to ensure exam integrity by closely monitoring test-takers throughout the duration. This involves continuous screen monitoring by a proctor. Nevertheless, we offer the service of taking proctored exams on your behalf.


Does WGU provide laptops?

Yes, however, only the Recipients of the scholarship will receive a scholarship package (New Student Online Access Scholarship Kit), which consists of a laptop with hotspot capabilities.

Are all WGU tests proctored?

For the majority of courses, proctored final exams are mandatory. The student’s identification is verified in these sessions to ensure its authenticity.

How many times can you take a test at WGU?

According to the WGU Academy policy, students can take three assessment attempts, excluding the final exam, which you can attempt two times. Similarly, assignments can also be attempted a maximum of three times.


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