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What is the Maternal and Newborn Exam?

The Maternal Newborn Nursing exam is a sub-section of the NCLEX Exam. It consists of 175 multiple-choice questions, of which 25 are unscored. The time to finish this exam is 3 hours. The unscored questions, referred to as “pretest” questions, are utilized by the exam administrators to verify the quality of the questions for upcoming exams.

The test is divided into five sections;

  1. Pregnancy birth risk factors and complications: this area carries 7% of tests total, and questions are mostly from antenatal and intrapartum factors.
  2. Maternal postpartum assessment management and education: the sections carry 26% of the test. To pass, you must study areas in physiologic changes and physical assessment, lactation, nursing care, psychosocial and ethical issues, newborns, and nutrition.
  3. Newborn assessment and management: this area takes 19% of the maternal and newborn exam. This area assesses your transition to extrauterine life, newborn care, family training, physical and gestational age assessment, resuscitation, and stabilization.
  4. Maternal postpartum complication: it is a crucial section carrying 24% of the exam total. The area covers maternal postpartum complications such as cardiovascular, diabetes, infection, hematonic, and mood and substance disorders.
  5. The section on Newborn Complications:  this area comprises 24% and evaluates your understanding of various topics, including cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, neurological and gastrointestinal issues, hematologic disorders, infectious diseases, and genetic, metabolic, and endocrine abnormalities. This exam tests your knowledge in identifying and managing complications that can arise in newborns across these different areas.

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