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Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) deliver essential basic care services to patients. These nurses perform tasks such as feeding, bathing, grooming, and monitoring patients’ vital signs. Operating as vital team members, CNAs are alternatively called as nursing assistants or  nursing aides often functioning under the guidance of registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs). The journey to becoming a CNA is a valuable gateway into nursing, with abundant online training programs.

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Advantages of Online CNA Class

Studying CNA online class has benefits, including flexibility and convenience. Online CNA learning enables students to manage coursework around their commitments, offering a broader range of school options. you can also contact TakeMyClassPro for academic help when you find your nursing class overwhelming.

The self-paced study allows for faster or slower learning options. While all CNA programs require the same credits and training hours, online courses often take less time than in-person classes.

In certain instances, online programs might be more cost-efficient, with the added advantage of saving on commuting and parking expenses.

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The Requirements for Joining CNA

If you want to join an online CNA class, you must have

  • High school diploma
  • TB and physical examination test
  • Criminal background check

Moreover, some nursing institutions might consider applicants with healthcare-related work or volunteer backgrounds. Upon fulfilling the mandatory classroom and clinical training hours, students must pass a state-endorsed certification exam to initiate their CNA career. Approximately fifty percent of states utilize the NNAAP examination as evidence of proficiency within the nursing aide field.

What is an Online CNA Class Curriculum?

CNA training readies students for the state-mandated nursing assistant certification exam. The curriculum includes crucial subjects such as CPR, first aid, human anatomy, patient care basics like vital signs, hygiene, mobility exercises, infection control, and safety measures. Healthcare-related CNA classes customize teaching for patient demographics, whether elderly nursing home residents or home healthcare patients. Practical experience is central, enabling students to apply classroom learning through hands-on patient interaction.

Online CNA Class Program length

The expense of a CNA training program can differ based on school type and location. Generally, nursing assistant programs are more budget-friendly compared to obtaining an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. For instance, the American Red Cross provides Nursing Assistant Training nationwide.

This program costs $1,300 in Pennsylvania, covering the state competency exam and most supplies except uniforms and a watch. When researching CNA programs, inquire about additional costs such as uniforms, supplies, books, and certification exam fees.

Online CNAs Class State Approval and Certification

 Each state enforces distinct prerequisites for nursing assistant education and certification. Approved online CNA classes programs are available in each state, ensuring proper preparation for the state’s certification exam.

In certain cases, the inability to undergo the certification exam is likely if an unapproved program is completed, underscoring the necessity of selecting a state-sanctioned program.

Upon completing the online CNA classes, eligibility for the state’s competency exam is granted. Although exam specifics might vary slightly across states, common subject areas include daily living activities, safety, infection control, data handling, reporting, and ethical and legal considerations. Once you pass the competency exam, you can work as a certified nursing assistant.

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Where can I find Free Online CNA Classes?

Several schools offer free online CNAs course with a complete certification

  • Alison platform
  • CNA free training resources
  • Pro career academy
  • the American Red Cross
  • Ballad health platform


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What’s the fastest you can become a CNA?

The CNA program takes one to two months, but when learning it online, you will learn at your pace to make meaning you can take less time.

Where is the easiest place to work as a CNA?

The work setting often offers a calm atmosphere, especially in home healthcare, as professionals tend to have fewer patients and a more relaxed pace than in hospitals. CNAs might be involved in aiding mobility, bathing, restroom use, and meal preparation.

Is CNA a good course?

Obtaining a CNA certification opens opportunities for pursuing educational paths and professions as registered nurses or advanced practice nurses. These roles allow specialization in acute care, gerontology, oncology, family practice, and pediatrics.

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