WGU Basic Skills Exam

Every WGU exam candidate wishes to pass to advance their careers and realize their dream. Most test takers can quickly fail their exams due to needing WGU basic skills exams. To help you pass your exams, we will take you through some of the basic WGU exam skills you need to remember.

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WGU Basic Skills Exam

To pass your WGU exam, you need to prepare well and ensure you do your studies properly. You need to do essential things before the exam to increase your chances of passing the exam. 

Here are some wgu basic exam skills you need to practice before the exam. 

Check the Exam Rules 

Ensure you are aware of the exam format and what type of questions the WGU exam will contain. The questions can usually contain fill-in-the-blank, multi-choice, and detailed answer questions. 

You must take your time and review the test-taking rules to understand what is permitted or limited during the exam session. Ensure you check computer system requirements, and if yes, what are the minimum requirements you will need to do the exam successfully? 

Follow All Details and Guidelines 

Ensure you constantly reread and follow all the test instructions. Always be prompt. Make sure you know the following: 

The exam duration

How flexible is the schedule if the exam will be taken on a particular date? 

What are the requirements for the place, and where will you be taking the test? 

Prepare the Test Area

Ensure you prepare a comfortable space where there will be no interruption. Ensure no disruption from other people in the house and pets during exam hours. Take time and clear any unwanted objects like phones, books, and much more in the exam room. Ensure you plug in your laptop or computer to charge to avoid running out of battery when the exam is on. 

Test the Computer Systems 

Take time and check the computer systems you will use for your WGU exam. Ensure they comply with the minimum requirements for WGU exams. Ensure you have a stable and good internet connection. It would help to use cable internet instead of wireless to avoid breakdowns when the exam is on. It would help if you devised a plan to counter any technical issue that can occur when the WGU exam is ongoing. 

During WGU Examination 

After preparing all the things, you can now start your WGU text. Here are essential WGU basic skills when the exam is ongoing.

Ensure you keep Track of Time.

Most of the exams do have a time limit. Spending only a little time trying to solve one question is advisable. Also, you need to avoid checking the time frequently, especially when you are in the middle of solving a question. Consider setting the alarm. For example, you can set the alarm 45 minutes before the end of the exam. 

Review the Entire Exam if You Can 

When you are through with all the questions and have some time left, consider returning to all the questions. Quickly check your answers to find out if you made any mistakes or to build up your confidence. 

Never Leave the Test Page 

During the exam, ensure you stay on the test page. Keep the test page open, even by mistake. You can quickly get penalized for that. 

Never panic whenever you are Facing Technical Questions 

wgu basic skills exam

If you experience any technical issues, remain calm and do not panic. Inform the proctor to make them aware of your problem. The proctor will always be ready to help out fast and efficiently. 

Take the Exam

On the exam day, ensure a quiet testing environment; your government issues ID and other necessary exam material. You must also log in to your WGU account 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to enable you to complete the verification process. Ensure that you carefully read through all the instructions and take your time to attempt all the questions. 

After the Examination

When you are through with the exam questions, there are essential WGU basic skills you can put to use. 

Reflect and Assess

After you finish the test, ensure you spare some time for reflection. Check the questions you need clarification on and try finding answers to the ones you did not solve properly. With this, you will not only assess your progress in the exam but will also be able to analyze what you could have done better during the exams. 

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