Is Online Proctoring Legal?

Are you uncomfortable about Proctorio and asking, is online proctoring legal? Given the wide usage of the system, there must be legal backing.

To explore the legality of Proctorio, we can delve first into some of the factors that present it as legal.

How Many Schools Use Proctorio?

The available literature indicates that thousands of colleges use Proctorio. Additionally, other proctoring companies assert that they have conducted millions of tests on Proctorio. Even though the available statistics are not standard, they show that Proctorio is common among institutions of high learning. Additionally, some employers use the system too.

In another study, 17% of 312 respondents confirmed to have used Proctorio. Such a study takes a small sample of participants to represents the regional or global population. Given the percentage of people that have used Proctorio, the system is quite common.

The US leads in the number of Proctorio users at 21.2%. Other regions that use the software include Canada at 7.3%.

From the given sample population, Proctorio stands as a commonly used software in safeguarding the education’s integrity.

Proctorio Compliance

Proctorio browser settings and permissions

One of the laws that govern the operation of Proctorio is Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The law came into force in 1974 to protect the student education records’ privacy. The law applies to all schools, whether public or private. Also, the law applies to any learning institution under the US Department of Education.

FERPA serves two roles. First, it gives parents or students that are eligible control over their educational records. So, no third party can compel parents or students to reveal their education records. Secondly, FERPA bars any school from disclosing any information that can result in the identification of a student without the consent of an eligible student or guardian for the minors.

The following are the rights of eligible parents and students under FERPA:

⦁ Inspect and review the original education records of the student. The school should not provide copies of the original documents unless an eligible student or parent does not have easy access to the original documents because of long-distance.

⦁ An eligible student or parent can request a correction of education records that are erroneous, inaccurate, or misleading from the eligible student’s or parent’s perspective. If an institution violates this right, an eligible student or parent can pursue a formal hearing.

⦁ An eligible parent or student can stop any provision of information that can help to identify a student.

⦁ An institution should provide a copy of its policy regarding the access of educational records to an eligible student or parent.

If any school violates the FERPA provisions, then it can lose its right to federal funding. However, schools that do not receive federal funding do not comply with FERPA.

Even though schools should not disclose any educational record information under FERPA, the institutions can disclose the information to the following parties:

⦁ School official with a legitimate interest in education.

⦁ Any receiving school of a transferred student.

⦁ Approved audit or evaluation officials.

⦁ Any organization that offers financial aid to a student.

⦁ Researchers that carry out studies that a school commissions.

⦁ Accrediting organizations.

⦁ Health and safety emergency officials.

⦁ Juvenile system local and state authorities in accordance to specific state law.

⦁ Subpoena compliance officials.

Is online proctoring legal? 

From the given compliance requirements, Proctorio has a legal mandate to play when invigilating exams. So, you should be aware of your rights under FERPA and guard them closely when carrying out proctored exams.

Can I Change the Time For Proctored Exams?

Understandably, the exam date can get you in a position that calls for the flexibility of Proctorio protocols. You could be traveling, and your flight may delay. Also, an emergency can arise, and you can become unable to keep time for an exam. What should you do?

If it is not possible to sit for your exams on the set day and time, you can reschedule the test. Notably, the rescheduling window is 60 minutes after the passing of the scheduled time. During this window, you can log in to your Proctorio account and reschedule your test. After getting to the scheduling page, you need to select both the term and exam that you were to take.

Alternatively, use your instructor’s name to find your exam and term. Afterward, select the date and time that you want to take the exam. After clicking “schedule”, you get a new date and time to do the exam.

If you do not manage to reschedule your exam, the lapse of the 60-minutes window forces you to schedule a new exam. So, you will pay another exam fee and the related expenses. To avoid those hassles, you should take advantage of the rescheduling window and save time and resources.

Can Proctorio Work Under My Terms?

No. Notably, your school calibrates the operations of Proctorio. Also, your instructor has a high command of what Proctorio will monitor. Where does that leave you? As a follower of orders. The only thing you can do is to reach out to Proctorio when you are having troubleshooting issues.

If you were to dictate your Proctorio terms, you also determine the kind of tests that you will do, which is impossible.

So, your school expects you to comply with the invigilation protocols because they reflect the terms that your school provides. Any deviation from compliance can have consequences.

How to Cheat Proctorio

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Why we are the best in Cheating Proctorio

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