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Determining When to Take the TEAS Exam The Test of Essential Academic Skills commonly referred to as TEAS test is a standardized test that is used to determine whether a student is eligible to be enrolled in healthcare-related college and university programs.  These exams act as an evaluation tool that helps students to identify their weaknesses and strengths. Besides, the exam provides a basis for improving the current nursing curriculum so that students excel as licensed nurses. Colleges and universities use this as the major criteria for identifying the academic abilities of potential students for post-secondary nursing admission programs, though it is a common requirement for some allied health science programs. Most colleges do not accept students who fail the TEAS exam.  It is therefore, important for students to familiarize themselves with various factors when scheduling for the TEAS exam. 

Test Results Expiration

As such, there is no specific period for which the TEAS test results are valid.  The expiration period usually varies from one college or university to the other. Some institutions may consider results obtained within one calendar year while others may consider the results valid for two years. Still in other cases, the results can be valid up to five years.  If you are scheduled to take the TEAS exam, it is important to check with the specific college or university you are applying to and ensure you know the expiration period of the test results.  You can obtain this information by accessing the institution’s website or contacting the admissions department.

Program Application Deadlines

When planning for TEAS exam, it is essential for the student to ensure that they complete the exam and receive the results in time to meet the program application deadlines. For this reason, students must first check the application deadlines for their preferred college or university and allow for adequate time to receive the test results. Some institutions require students to schedule their test not less than two weeks before the application deadline.  

Course Requirements

If you are currently in high school and plan to take the TEAS exam, you might be worried whether you will have adequate time to complete the courses and cover all the areas that you will be tested on.  In such a case, you might prefer to wait until the start of your senior year to ensure that you complete as much of the required high school courses as possible. You may also opt to take the exam at the end of your senior year so that you have time to retake the test if necessary.

If the program admission requirements at your preferred college or university include prerequisite general education courses, you’ll also want to get those out of way before sitting for your TEAS test.

Allowing For Retakes

If for any reason you feel like you might not attain the required points for the TEAS test on your first attempt, you might consider taking the exam earlier so that you will have enough time to retake the exam. Colleges and universities have different policies for retaking the TEAS exams. Therefore, it is important to understand the retake policies of the respective institution before scheduling your test. And in case you need to register for a retake, you are required to complete the same process as when you originally signed up for the exam.

Some institutions limit applicants to two testing attempts within a one year period. Other institutions impose a waiting period of one month before a student can retake the exam. If you’re concerned about the possibility of retaking the test, consider scheduling your first test attempt at least 46 days prior to your application deadline. This allows a full 30 days to elapse after your initial test date and adds in the recommended 15-day minimum time frame for testing before the application deadline.

Preparation for the TEAS Test

Just like other exams, the TEAS test exam is important, which is why you should take studying seriously. If you want to pass the exams on your first attempt, you should thoroughly review all the information you will be tested on.  Besides, you should devote adequate time and energy into preparing for it. TEAS Test Study Guide has over 200 lessons that can be used to work through the information that is on the four TEAS subtests. These online lessons are clearly elaborated and can offer you flexibility to study on your preferred schedule. All you need is internet connection, a laptop or a smartphone to access the lessons at your convenient time. There are also practice quizzes and tests that can help you determine the amount of study time you need before scheduling for the exam.

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