Can Proctorio See Your Keyboard?

I believe you are asking yourself this question, “Can Proctorio See Your Keyboard? To get to this question, you must have researched several details about a proctored exam. So, you are one of the most prepared students that mind passing a proctored exam.

However, let us recap on some of the basics about proctored exams.

What Are The Requirements Of Proctored Exams?

Proctorio exam settings

System requirements – You need to confirm the system requirements needed to take a proctored exam. The following are the system requirements:

Computer – please note that you are not allowed to use a touch screen monitor when taking your online proctored exam. Additionally, you cannot use a smartphone or a tablet.

Laptop set up – You should plug your laptop directly to a power source. Additionally, your laptop should be detached from a docking station. If you want to use an external monitor, you need to attach it to your laptop and close your laptop. So, you will not manage to use the integrated keyboard of your laptop.

Webcam – You should use a webcam with the ability to take a 3600 of your testing station. If you are not sure about the quality of the webcam that you should use, you should liaise with your school to get the required specifications. Some schools may ask you to make a payment to get the required webcam. Such a move saves you a lot of time that you could have spent while shopping for the required webcam.

Keyboard – You can use your laptop’s integrated keyboard or an external keyboard. If you are using a laptop plugged into your laptop and external monitor, you should close your laptop. Additionally, you need to ensure that the batteries of a wireless keyboard are fully charged to last for the entire length of the proctored test.

Microphone – Please note that you cannot use headphones during your proctored exam. Also, the volume of your speakers should be ell adjusted to be audible during your proctored exam.

Mouse – If you are using a wireless mouse, you should ensure that its batteries are fully charged to last for the entire exam length. If your mouse is plugged into an external monitor, you should close your laptop when taking your proctored exams.

Monitor – Your monitor should be large enough to show clear images and reduce the need to scroll down during a proctored exam.

Internet speed – Your internet speed should be at least 3 Mbps. Additionally, you should ensure that you are not playing any music or game. Such extra load can reduce the internet speed necessary to support your proctored exams. If you are at home, you should schedule your exam when the rest of your family members are not using the internet.

Internet connection – Proctorio recommends an Ethernet internet connection or any other cable connection when taking a proctored exam. If you are using WiFi, then ensure that it is strong enough to support your proctored exams. Nevertheless, you are responsible for ensuring that your internet connection is stable.

Test Run

Before taking your proctored exam, you should ensure that your systems are running well. So, you should carry out a test run before starting your online exams. To do it, you should liaise with your school. If possible, you should carry out the test run 1 week before the proctored exams starting date.

Using Company Computers and Antivirus

If you will use a company computer that has antivirus, you need to carry out additional steps to ensure that the systems will support your proctored exams. Checking out with the IT department will be a good move to ensure that you have IT technicians to configure your computer in readiness for a proctored exam.

The Don’ts of a Proctored Exam

When sitting for a proctored exam, you are not permitted to do the following things:

⦁ Do not have any personal belongings on your testing station. So, do not have any phones, novels, or any other personal items on your testing station.

⦁ Besides the monitor that you will use during your proctored exam, you should not have any additional monitors, recording devices, or projector screens.

⦁ You should not allow anybody in your testing room. You should be alone. So, make arrangements with your family members not to use your room during your proctored test.

⦁ You should not block your face during a proctored test. The use of headphones is prohibited. Also, you should not wear a mask because it will be hard for Proctorio to identify your face.

⦁ You should not leave the testing room during a proctored test.

⦁ Never disconnect your webcam camera at any point during the proctored exam.

If you do the listed things, Proctorio can flag your exam attempt. You should also liaise with your instructor to know whether there are other things that you should not do during a proctored exam.

Can Proctorio See Your Keyboard?

From the mentioned capabilities of Proctorio, the system can see your keyboard. Notably, your webcam should capture your testing station and 12 inches behind your back. Additionally, you are required to scan your room at an angle of 3600. So, rest assured that Proctorio will see most of the things you are doing at your testing station.

How Can You Cheat Proctorio?

Given that Proctorio can see almost everything you do on your testing station, cheating in your proctored exam require the help of TakeMyClassPro.

We are a team of subject matter experts that have over 3 years of taking proctored exams on behalf of students. We guarantee you that you will get an over 75% score after partnering with us. How about checking some of the positive reviews that we get from students that we help from our website?

How TakeMyClassPro Works

When you contact us, you will get friendly customer service. You will also be taken through the guidelines of how we will take the proctored exam on your behalf. The process is simple, and it is as follows:

⦁ WhatsApp us here.

⦁ Inquire our rates. However, rest assured that we shall work well with your budget. So, do not worry that our services will cost you an arm and a leg.

⦁ Make payment as agreed. You will also get a confirmation that we have received your payment. Importantly, rest assured that we are a legitimate company that will not scam you.

⦁ Receive instructions on how to install our ATI platform hacking software. It is simple to install the software, and you do not need to be tech-savvy.

⦁ Inform us when your proctored exam is due. We recommend that you should contact us a few days before the exam date. Such a window will help us configure your laptop and ensure that your systems meet the required threshold to take a proctored exam.

⦁ During the exam date, you should be at your exam station 25 minutes before the starting time.

⦁ When you log in, we shall get logged in too.

⦁ When the exam starts, pretend that you are exploring the questions until when the exam turns to page 2. At that point, move your mouse.

⦁ Maintain the interval of mouse movement until when the exam ends.

So, need to pass your proctored exam? Contact us here.

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