How to Cheat On Exam with Camera On

Many wonder how to cheat on exam with camera on. Notably, Proctorio requires you to turn your webcam camera on. It also records all events that take place during the exam session. If you don’t turn your webcam on or your webcam is faulty, Proctorio can flag your test attempt and there is a high likelihood that your instructor will deem the act as suspicious.

However, it is possible to cheat on the exam despite the camera being on. We shall tell you how, but first, lets us learn a few basics.

All about the Required Proctorio Camera

You need to understand several elements regarding the webcam that you will use during a proctored test

As a rule of thumb, you should set up and configure your webcam before the test starts.

You should also note that your internal webcam does not work for proctored exams. So, you should turn it off. Also, note that cameras that only show your face are not allowed for proctored exams. Your camera should have the following area-viewing qualities:

⦁ 120 degrees wide viewing angle.

⦁ The view should include the face and torso or the student.

⦁ Camera should also capture 12 inches behind the candidate.

⦁ The view should also capture the screen and its surrounding areas.

⦁ Lastly the view should capture any allowed learning materials, including calculators and books.

Webcam position in a proctored exam

Your webcam should have a minimum of 640×480 resolution. However, the recommended resolution is 1280×720. If your camera has below the minimum resolution, the system may flag your test attempt.

The required webcam should also have a minimum of a 6’ cord and a manual focus or settings that can disable the automatic focus.

You should position your camera to your side and in an elevated position. So, you may need a USB extension cord that will connect the camera to your screen. Also, you may require a flexible stand that will hold the camera in place.

If your instructor needs to see the testing room, you need a camera that can move from side to side. Such an instruction seeks to ascertain that you do not have any material that will aid you during the test.

Your firewall should never block the video signal. So, you need to add the proctoring page URL to your secure network’s firewall Whitelist.

Lastly, never use complex cameras during a proctored exam. Meeting Owl is a perfect example of a complex camera that you should never for your proctored exam. Such cameras provide a 360 degrees view in addition to split screens, among other disapproved capabilities.

Other Proctorio Equipment Requirements

⦁ You should have at least a Wi-Fi connection. Although, Proctorio recommends you to have a wired connection. The main objective of the requirement is for you to have a stable internet network that will not destabilize during your test.

⦁ If you are a PC user, your PC should have at least Windows 8 operating system. Better still, you should have a Windows 10 PC. Please note that Proctorio does not support Windows 10 S.

⦁ For Mac users, your gadget should have MacOS 10.13 operating system. However, MacOS 10.15 proves superior and it is the recommended version.

⦁ Regarding the CPU, your gadget should have at least core 2. Additionally, the CPU usage should be less than 85%. If your CPU is more than core 4 with less than 50% usage, you are better off.

⦁ Your internet download speed should be at least 1Mbps. Proctorio recommends 12 Mbps internet download speed.

⦁ RAM should be at least 4GB and its usage should be less than 95%. If your RAM is 16 GB with less than 70% usage, your system will work more efficiently.

⦁ The connectivity ports should be at least 1935, 843, 80, 443, 61613, UDP/TCP. However, Proctorio recommends 1935, 843, 80, 443, 61613, UDP/TCP connectivity ports.

⦁ Regarding the screen resolution, your screen should have a 1366 x 768 resolution. Having above 1920 x 1080 resolution is the recommended screen resolution quality.

⦁ For Chromebook users, you can only use your gadget for automated proctoring because your equipment cannot support live proctoring. If you are using automated proctoring, your Chrome browser should at least feature the latest version.

⦁ Last, your microphone should be functional and clear.

Unsupported Hardware and software

If you have the following hardware and software in readiness for a proctored exam, then you should find an alternative because Proctorio does not support them.

⦁ Microsoft-Edge browser
⦁ Google Chromebooks during live proctoring
⦁ Any version of Tablets
⦁ Smartphones
⦁ Linux OS
⦁ Surface-RT or S-mode Windows 10
⦁ Running in a virtual machine
⦁ Any inactive Windows OS.

Basic Camera Troubleshooting

Sometimes your webcam can develop some technical issues during a proctored exam. The following are some of the basic troubleshooting techniques that you can apply:

⦁ Ensure that only the Proctorio program is using the camera. If you find any other program using the camera, you need to shut it off and restart your browser.

⦁ You should also check your privacy settings. If your camera does not allow access to apps, you should select the Proctorio app to access the camera and deny the rest of the apps from accessing the camera.

TakeMyClassPro Advice on How to Cheat on Exam with Camera On

From the given information, chances are slim for you to be able to cheat during a proctored exam with camera on. However, that should never be a cause for alarm because TakeMyClassPro will help you navigate all Proctorio camera-on protocols and get an A in your exams.

To beat the said camera capabilities and cheat during a proctored exam, you need software that will hack into the ATI proctoring platform. To get such software is difficult but we have made it easy for you.

What you need is to partner with us, TakeMyClassPro. With us on board, we shall advise you on how to meet the Proctorio camera requirements, provide the hacking software, and cheat any proctored exam like a pro.

We are a team of subject matter experts that have software that helps you cheat in your proctored exams despite having a powerful camera watching you.

How to Partner with Us

You need to follow a simple process that will ensure that you get an A in your proctored exams. The process has the following steps:

⦁ Contact us via ⦁ WhatsApp. You can download WhatsApp easily from ⦁ here.

⦁ Send your payment and confirm receipt.

⦁ Receive our software.

⦁ Install our software on your PC or laptop.

⦁ Give us the specifications of your webcam.

⦁ Receive feedback from us whether your webcam meets the required Proctorio specifications.

⦁ Purchase a new webcam or make the recommended adjustments to your webcam.

⦁ Inform us when your proctored test is due to start well ahead of time (a few days).

⦁ Log in to your system 25 minutes before the test starting time.

⦁ Make the necessary identity verifications after the test starts. Our professionals will also be logged in via the TakeMyClassPro software.

⦁ When the test starts, maintain your position and act as if you are going through the questions.

⦁ When you see the test turning to page 2, move your cursor. Otherwise, do not move the cursor before our professionals turn to page 2.

⦁ Please note the page-turning intervals to know when to move your cursor.

It is time to not worry about the Proctorio webcam and go for an A in your proctored exam. Contact us here.

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